Klazomenai Olive Oil Workshop

The excavations in the antique city of Klazomenai in Urla, reveal the first workshop and tools for olive oil production. It is the oldest one ever known in Anatolia. The technology was used to produce olive oil in 2600 BC and still can be used for production today.

The findings revealed small handy-mortars used to crush olives with grinding stones into ceramic pots used to separate olive oil from the 'black water' and olive oil was stored in amphorae then shipped away from the port.

After a thorough renovation in 2005, the ancient facility was converted into a museum. The conversion of the wild olive tree into cultivated olive tree led to the obtaining of oil from its fruits. The workshop proves that Ionians had great technological contributions in the cultivation and production process in this geographical area. From Urla, olive oil and wine were transported by boat throughout the entire Mediterranean basin.

The museum is 350 m away from Maison Vourla Hotel.

Köstem Olive Oil Museum

Working Days: Tuesday-Sunday 
Working Hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (18:00 on weekends)
Phone: +90 537 911 2323

Admission includes a guided tour of approximately 30-45-minutes.

Köstem Olive Oil Museum is located close to the village of Uzunkuyu, just northwest of Zeytinler, is the largest olive oil museum complex in the world. The museum construction was initially started in 2002 by owner Dr. Levent Köstem, and historian Ali Ertan İplikçi and opened its doors to the public in November 2017.

The museum has an internal area of 5,650 square meters situated in 20,000 square meters of land and an arboretum with over 500 trees. The olive oil technology museum aims to preserve and display olive oil pressing systems established in Anatolia. Restored industrial equipment, ancient press stones, and artifacts, as well as historical reproductions, trace the evolution across 4,000 years of the crushing, pressing, separation, and storage processes of olive oil production and distribution. A systematic approach has been taken to bring the education function to the forefront, including equipment demonstrations and workshops.

At the entrance of the museum are a café/restaurant and a store selling olive oil, organic & handmade products, local interest books, olive wood items, ceramics, and local craft items. There is an active olive oil processing on-site and storage plant collecting olives from over 11,000 trees in the vicinity. The museum also hosts wood & ceramic workshops and temporary exhibitions.

The museum is 25 km away from Maison Vourla Hotel.

Limantepe Excavations

The Limantepe Excavations in Urla, managed and carried out by Ankara University, shed light on important historical information about the oldest settlement of the region. Limantepe is known as the oldest city settlement in Urla. It is one of the harbors of the ancient Klazomenai City. It was one of the most important port cities of the Aegean in the year 3 thousand.

The excavations are 900 m away from Maison Vourla Hotel.

Vehbi Koç Marine Archeology Research Center

The Ankara University Underwater Archeological Research and Application Center opened the Ankara University Mustafa Vehbi Koç Marine Archeology Research Center in the Urla district of Izmir with the collaboration of Vehbi Koç Foundation, TINA Turkey Underwater Archeology Foundation, and Urla Municipality.

It was established in 2009 in an ​​11 acres area allocated by the Municipality of Urla in Çeşmealtı. The center consists of five different units: a restoration laboratory for underwater studies, a warehouse area, a library aimed to host national and international researches, a conference hall, and 4 acres of exhibition area. The academic research center has undertaken the mission of being the face of Turkey for international collaborations on underwater archeology research. The aim of the Archeopark in the project is to help contribute to the tourism activities in the region.

The underwater excavations are about a kilometer away from Maison Vourla Hotel.

Necati Cumalı’s Memorial and Culture House

The Memorial and Culture House is where Necati Cumalı, one of the distinguished names in Turkish literature, was born and later lived with his wife. After his death, his home was turned into a museum and was opened to the public. A room on the ground floor of the house was where Necati Cumalı reached the peak of his work and wrote many of his poems, novels, stories, essays, theater plays, and diaries. Today, his workroom serves as a public library.

In addition to the library, Necati Cumalı's personal belongings, photographs, works, writings, and chess sets are still on display.

The museum is 5 km away from Maison Vourla Hotel.


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